Tuesday, July 25, 2006


Since I've been off the internet and thanks to the amazing invention that is the blog. Some Scribner information and content has popped up.

Thad Komorowski's site: Animation ID is amazing. If you are reading this and you haven't been to Animation ID, stop right now and go there and bask in it's glory. Here is a great post about scribner.

Classic Cartoons is another excellent animation blog. There are scribner posts here, here, and here. Including the scene I just started putting up. Hah! Anyway, I should have put the scene up in chronological order anyway. I'll start that after I finish this little diddy of a post.

David Germain's blog has a great post on him. Some super rare biographical information can be found here.

Here is a curiosity from Shane Glines' Cartoon Retro board. A discussion on favorite Scribner scenes is interrupted by someone claiming to be Rod Scribner's grandson. Upon my questioning, he didn't respond. That's right, I, Michael Rianda, am Sherman2! Anyway, I guess we'll never know if he is real or not.

These aren't Scribner related but I found them fascinating anyway. Two great threads on Freddie Moore's life and work. Here and Here. Also from the Cartoon Retro forums.

(for some reason I can't put titles on these posts and it is aggrivating me)


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