Sunday, December 03, 2006

The Great Piggy Bank Robbery
Part 10

Hey everybody this is the final update for this long loooooong series of posts, too long. In the future we will try to keep such huge sets of screenshots more streamlined. And even though I feel a bit queasy about all this because I don't really feel qualified or condfident, but tommorow, along with the posting of the final animation, I'm going to post an analysis of the scene and an analysis of Scribner's animation itself as it is reflected through the scene. I doubt I will shed any new light on anything but maybe it will start a conversation that will. So, tommorow, the video and half baked commentary from your favorite team of animation historians. THE ROD SCRIBNER PROJECT!

We would also like to thank the people that have been commenting lately it really is heartening knowing that someone is getting some kind of use out of this stuff. It lights the fire under us to create a better resource for the people! BY THE PEOPLE! Anyway, your support is appreciated and valuable.


Blogger Mike Matei said...

if you scroll down the page fast enough those images of daffy actually look like they're moving.

1:45 AM  

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