Sunday, August 06, 2006

The Lost Duchess!!!

Amid Amidi has posted some amazing screenshots of a cartoon directed by Rod Scribner from his UPA days in the 50s on his cartoon modern blog. It looks great. I had heard of the three cartoons he directed (”The Lost Duchess,” “One Wonderful Girl” and “The Armored Car”) for the Gerald McBoing Boing show years ago and I have still never seen them, and seeing these screenshots makes me even more devastated about that fact. If anyone has them and puts them on youtube, I would be beyond thrilled. In fact, if anyone puts them up and lets me know on this blog I will send them a crisp 20 dollar bill. That's right folks, a visit from Andrew Jackson courtesy of The Rod Scribner Project.

See for yourselves!

Speaking of youtube, if you have ever fantasized about Scribner animating Hitler, your prayers have been answered in Russian Rhapsody. See it here.


Blogger Martina Neradová said...

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Blogger Martina Neradová said...

Hi, could you help me with the name of the apprentice in The Lost Duchess? I'm working on subtitles and want to be sure to spell it correctly. M.

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