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Hi folks. I'm only two scenes into this thing and I've already posted my first false Scribner identification. Anyway, the scene I have been posting screens from is-according to more knowledgeble people than I- not a Rod Scribner scene.

The scene in question:
Here's some screens from the scene that are in all probablility NOT by Rod Scribner:

This is the comment that tipped me off. From J.J. Hunsecker:

"Are you sure those scenes are by Rod Scribner? It doesn't remind me of his style. It could be Manny Gould, for instance.Daffy on the phone in the beginning scenes of the cartoon (talking to Bing Crosby and the father of the Dione quintuplets) is definitely Scribner -- as well as the scenes of Porky trying to make Daffy sit on an egg."

I asked John Kricfalusi for some help and he replied with:

"I think it might be Bill Melendez, who was Scribner's assistant before he was promoted to animator. His style is similar because of the influence-the big wide eyes and long pupils.This also looks very much like animation in Art Davis' cartoons. So it could be Melendez or Davidovich. I don't know for sure, but don't think it's Scribner.Like you said, Scribner's work is very solid at the same time it's wacky.It's a great scene, whoever did it!"

And while I totally agree that it's a great scene and I love it, I'm going to take down the screenshots because I don't want to perpetuate false information about Scribner. Instead, I think my next post will compare a real Scribner scene to this scene and try to further define to myself and the readers what makes a Scribner scene and what doesn't. This is a learning experience for me, and I apologize for my error.

On the bright side-I have some potentially very exciting biographical developments on Rod in the coming weeks and months. So keep your eyes peeled.

A Big thanks to J.J. for catching my mistake, and John K. for giving a better indication of who did the scene.


Blogger :: smo :: said...

yeah thanks for posting the scene regardless! i understand why you took it down, but at the same time it's interesting to see the influence scribner had on the rest of his unit! i tried drawing from those screens and they came out wacky, i need to practice that sorta stuff more. but nonetheless great posts!

i posted a little on my blog, but according to michael barrier's book, and interviews with clampett, scribner's over the top style in the 40's came from a desire to animate the way Gerorge "Lichty" Lichtenstein [of the grin and bear it cartoons of the era] drew. Scribner's earlier stuff is definitely more restrained, but after conversations with clampett apparently, he'd get the go ahead to "lichty it up" and go nuts. i can scan the pages of the book that talks about it if you'd like. throughout Barier referrs to it as scribner's lichty animation. i guess he'd even go so far as to animate with a brush and ink to maintain a looseness!

11:15 AM  
Blogger Rod Scribner Project said...

Thanks for reading-and for the extensive post! Yeah, I have Hollywood Cartoons and have read his comments on Scribner. People give Barrier a lot of heat for a lot of stuff, but I think Hollywood Cartoons is an amazing and essential book. The way he understands and documents real artistic progress and growth is a real accomplishment, as the idea of progress is rarely addressed these days in any artform. I intend to post Barrier's articles on Scribner one day, but now that you mention it putting up some of George Lichtensteins drawings would be a great idea.

2:34 PM  
Blogger David Germain said...

Do you plan to only showcase Scribner's work in Bob Clampett's cartoons? Or from all over? He certainly did his best work under Clampett but he also did some fine stuff for Tex Avery, Bob McKimson, Jay Ward, and even Charles Schultz on Race For Your Life, Charlie Brown.

4:42 PM  
Blogger :: smo :: said...

barrier definitely gets a bad rap, and sometimes i can see why since he is very matter of fact with his criticisms, especially with avery's cartoons, and tries to explain humor a lot. but the factual background information he supplies is priceless! i've got you on my blogroll so i'll defeinitly keep checkin' in to see what develops! thanks!

5:25 PM  
Blogger Rod Scribner Project said...

I would love to post images from his entire body of work. However two things limit me from doing that: 1)My own knowledge. As you can see from this debacle I'm not the best identifyer of scribner scenes period. And the ones I have always studied were Clampetts so those are the ones I'm most knowledgable about. I THINK I can spot a Scribner scene in a McKimson or Avery cartoon but because I don't have any sort of expert opinion to give me assurance that I'm really posting Scribner I would feel very uncomfortable doing it.

2)Limited access. I can only get screenshots from DVDs that I can get my hands on.

So if you have a good knowledge of what scenes Scribner did in Avery/McKimson/Charlie Brown cartoons I would love that and use it if I am able to get the cartoon on dvd.

2:27 PM  
Blogger :: smo :: said...

i think greg duffel is something of an authority on scribner, he might be a guy to get in touch with. he's the one who tells the stories about scribner being the only guy to ever give snoopy teeth! it would be really fun to see some of those scenes!

11:58 AM  
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12:51 AM  
Blogger Liimlsan said...

It's almost certainly Melendez to me... Manny Gould isn't conducive of Scribner - he was influenced by him. It's an astonishing difference. Manny Gould has these three-dimensional, squat forms that move a little like scribner, but call attention to the solidity.
He did the scene in Eatin' on the Cuff with the widow running and falling into the drink glass, and I'm certain he did the 'Horsey please whoa' routine in Buckaroo Bugs.

5:03 PM  

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