Sunday, September 10, 2006


For some reason I can't embed this thing onto the blog. So for now, here is the link-
Hawaiian Punch Commercial. Thanks to Cartoon Brew for pointing this out.

In an interview with Greg Duffell that I did a few years ago. Duffell said that a commercial director told him that he commisioned Scribner for some animation, and would get these amazing packets of drawings for the commercial and then would hear nothing for weeks, then get another package and more nothing. Interestingly, what was happening was that Scribner would be committed to an asylum, then would escape, do some animation, get caught, escape, do some more animation, etc. This was after his years at UPA when stable work was hard to find and Scribner had to rely on freelancing for commercial work. It seems that Scribner was turning more and more toward alcohol, to deal with his depression due to (presumably) lack of work and creative frusteration. I find it surprising that the medical community didn't know how to deal with that, even in the 60s, and would resort to institutionalizion. However, that leads one to question what Scribner's problems actually were.
The Great Piggy Bank Robbery
Part 8

Monday, September 04, 2006


Dear non-existant readers,
I haven't been able to log into blogger on my home computer for some reason, hence, I need to move my files to another computer temporarily and get things going again. In the meantime, those rockers at the Classic Cartoons blog somehow got a pristine version of Coal Black And De Sebben Dwarves. Coal Black is particularly notable to our main man Rod Scribner because Rod did all the layouts. It also happens to be my personal favorite short cartoon of all time.

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